Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Project Begins Today

Now that Valentine's Day is behind me I begin another project that is both challenging and probably a little fun too. I have been commissioned to create 20 cards for St. Patrick's Day. I have begun my research on themes and ideas. A box of different kinds of papers are already sitting in a pile. I have accumulated a huge assortment of green swatches. I can't wait to see what comes out. I will keep you posted.

One more Valentine

Life in the working world keeps me busy

The working world keeps me so busy helping senior citizens with resources that time for art is limited. However, this week I decided to bring the art to work. There is a section on our floor at the government offices that is empty temporarily. The rooms is large and has several large tables. I brought as much of my studio as humanly possible in two shifts and set up a workshop for making Valentine cards. I e-mailed my co-oworkers to drop in at lunch or break and create a card. All the necessary materials were on hand from cardstock and envelope to wide range of adhesives, and every imaginable "junk" that included scrabble pieces, playing cards, failed watercolor paintings, monoprints, fancy scissors, and glitter. I created a handful of samples for everyone to view and off they went to the races. It was very rewarding to hear the comments of folks who admired my work but more rewarding to hear them comment on their gratitude for the experience since all of them seemed to think they had no creative bones in their body. They told me they are craving art therapy in the line of work that we do. I agree. I am so happy going to my own studio on weekends or evenings when I can carve out some time. I offer you a sampling of some cards that served as inspiration for others.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Madam Butterfly

This collage was created about two years ago and I just entered it in the Lombard Art Coalition's members show. It is a quirky piece but occasionally I enjoy working on something whimsical.

Busy weeks and finally an art day

These last few weeks have been hectic with work. My exhibit at the National University of Health Sciences came down at the end of January. To jump start the creative juices I decided to participate in a few workshops. I attended a workshop on mixed media at the Addison Art Guild. This was my first experience with a few materials like scratch boards, plaster gauze on canvas and modeling paste. I even managed a couple of baby pieces.