Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Some days I feel like I am doing fragments of activities. A little here, a little there. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for fragmented days. Is it attention deficit day? Is it caused by distractions of things we have no control over? Is it angst? Is it lack of a plan? Or is it catching up day? Maybe it is a day when I have a need to tie up loose ends, to aleviate clutter of personal space, or of the mind. Here is a piece of art that illustrates the kind of day I am having today. There are some good things planned but I am feeling jittery.

Monday, September 24, 2007

How time flies

As I look back at my last blog entry I am amazed at how time flies. Here it is already 12 days later. Family life, work and marketing art and small increments of creating art can take up more time than one can imagine. Yet one needs to have balance. So as I try to make time for exercise, and all the other facets of my life, I see that some days there just are not enough hours. In one week I will begin a new time schedule. I will be working a regular 8:00 - 4:30 job. I can only guess that balance will be ever more important and time will begin to feel more precious. But I am committed to be more efficient and equally balanced so there is time for mind, body and spirit.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Motivated to make more cards

Last week a friend of mine took 33 of my cards which she will market in her studio. My inventory needs to be replenished. Another friend is going to flaunt my cards in her office. I am excited and am working towards building up the inventory. I am also working through my Artist Way by Julia Cameron with a group. A support group is always good for keeping one on track. Also, I am working on drawing skills by reading and doing the suggested exercises from a book called Creative License. The author keeps the chapters short and very humorous.

September 11, 2007

I meant to post this yesterday but just didn't get around to doing it. I spent much of the day in my studio completing small projects. Also, trying to purge some things that are not usable or just plain junk. But throughout the day I kept reflecting how utterly tragic this day was 6 years ago. I created some spiritual pieces in the aftermath. And now I can only wish for P E A C E throughout the world. Global peace is what I wish for more than anything in the world. In wishing this I seek moments of peace for myself by communing with nature whether it is at the beach in the forest or by the river. PEACE to all.

Monday, September 03, 2007

A hike at the arboretum

Saturday was the most perfect day to hike at the arboretum. The weather was crisp yet sunny. My mood was enthusiastic. I had my camera, a bottle of water and comfortable shoes. I decided to revisit a place I used to take my children when they were little, the BIG ROCK. The rock seemed much smaller than I remembered. But I smiled when I remembered how adorable they were climbing the BIG ROCK. Normally not bothered by mosquitoes, today I was being eaten alive. I thought I had everything with me, but the repellent was what I really needed today. Here are the shots from the woods. The fungi were really fascinating. So many varieties. An interesting thought, fungi can symbolize recycling. From the decay comes another. That is what I am doing with some old artwork. Recycling decaying watercolors, prints, acrylic attempts.