Friday, January 26, 2007

Babel 4

I have been really intrigued and inspired by foreign languages for a long time. The written word has been used in this collage. From ancient writings to contemporary Spanish, Arabic and Greek. This is an 8 X 10 painting using image transfers, sealed with gloss medium.

Babel Series Continues

This is another collage painting on the theme of Babel (meaning confusion).

A second in the series of Articles of Faith. Canvas painted in acrylics with magazine images and Greek fragments from a prayer book.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How Do I LOOK?

Two more for the International Collage Exchange

I have been working on my collage exchange pieces since the beginning of the year. The progress has been slower than I anticipated due to some studio reorganization. I accidentally fell into a series called the Babel Series. This relates to the tower of Babel in the Bible and I feel is current because of a recent film of that title. I believe conflicts can be avoided if we learn to understand each other. My fascination with languages began many years ago. As a child I used to make up my own languages. Having the ability to travel to foreign countries has also fueled my interest in languages and communication.
The first piece is called Babel I, It is on canvas with image transfers and measures 4 X 6. The second image is called How Do I Look? It is 4 X 6 and is on canvas, with acrylic and magazine clips glued onto the base. Enjoy!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Blue Nile Rhapsody

Completion of this collage is a good feeling since it has been on the table for about a year awaiting the right components. It was an original watercolor that was collaged with the Egyptian figure then photocopied with altered coloring. This summer while in Florida I collaged tissue paper and tinted it with blues that effect me from looking at the ocean. This seemed to be the right support for the rest. The completed piece has been covered with gloss medium. Final size 7 X 9 will be glued onto an 8 X 10 matboard and mailed with the rest of the Baker's Dozen to New Zealand.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Another spiritual piece: 4 X 6 using magazine imagery and tinted papers.

Homage to Motherhood

Using postage stamps and an old painting on Yupo paper.

Here and Now

This is a 4 X 6 collage using some old paintings, magazine scraps etc. My interest in landscapes is evident in this piece. Also I have a fascination with time and clocks.

History's Labyrinth

I like making references to ancient times in my artwork. I had considered a career in anthropology at one time. My fascination continues with things ancient. This again is a small collage 5 X 7.


A 5 X 7 collage using magazine image, my own tinted coffee filter paper and acrylic paint. Using images of the buddha is my way of connecting to the spiritual.


Using artchitectural images from magazines, this 4 X 6 collage is glued onto an old monotype that was less than successful on its own. I like recycling my old failed paintings. It is just the way I was brought up.


Another baker's dozen for the International Collage Exchange. This piece is 5" X 7" and has acyrlic paint, image transfers and some tinted papers. The two images make reference to the forbidden fruit of Eve.

This is one of my Baker's Dozen

Variations On A Theme: 6" X 7" Music pages collaged onto a bristol board. Glued with gloss medium and sealed with gloss medium. This is a piece that was inspired by my days of practising piano as a kid. I didn't like practicing the routine exercises. Yet I loved hearing piano pieces by Paganini. There was a piece called Variations on a theme by Paganini. Thus the title. I had considered titling it 5 easy pieces like the move of several years ago.

Intternational Collage Exchange Project

I am working hard on the project to produce 13 pieces to send to New Zealand. Seven have been completed.