Friday, June 25, 2010

My heart soars when I am surrounded

My heart soars when I am surrounded by my art supplies, inspirations, books, pieces of collage materials. I have made it a goal to get into the studio daily. I depleted my inventory of cards so I have been recycling old watercolors into new collage cards. The studio is so full of possibilities. These 4X6 cards represent an opportunity to experiment, with no fear of investing too much time and the feeling of completion at the end is healing to the soul who has been crying out for time to create.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Studio

During the last few months I have not been active in my studio with creating because I was very much occupied with preparing, organizing and putting out fires for the wedding of my daughter Victoria. During the first week of June the studio also became a dormitory for visiting young people as they slept in blow up mattresses and sleeping bags. There were 5 in a section of the studio. Yet, my brother's partner, Michelle came to the wedding from Philadelphia and insisted on seeing the studio so as artist to artist I allowed her to enter my private space which I don't easily share with others unless I know that they will not judge me on my chaotic ways. Here is her review of my studio.
"The moment I entered Tania Blanco's studio I felt the powerful pull of a woman who congers magic out of chaos. Everywhere I looked in the studio there were projects in motion, surrounded by myriads of textures and colors, a tantalizing alchemy of gold and silver shimmering through oceans of visual vignettes, tattooed by a calligraphy of organic symbols and rhythms. I was dazzled by Tania's ability to reach in to this treasure trove of the human spirit and weave her consciousness into a harmonious tapestry of radiant transcendence. In her collage workshops which were set up on large tables in the studio she has the rare gift of inspiring other women in the ways and rituals of releasing their own powers of creative expression. Tania Blanco is an artist who understands the universal and archetypal temple of her soul and choreographs for us with the force of her vibrant heat, the dance of her visual poetry, that continues to inspire us all with the wise and wonderful woman that she is."