Monday, September 24, 2012

Nature Mandala

This mixed media collage was created from an assortment of items included in a brown bag during the annual Midwest Collage Society retreat in Milford, Indiana ( Sept 19-23,20120).  One of our traditions is to provide each participant with a brown bag of miscellaneous items and they create a work of collage art.  The items I chose from my brown bag were: a variety of papers, bamboo sticks, a gingko leaf ( a favorite of mine), some gold foil paper and a I added a little seed I had found on the beach in Florida several years ago.  I am always amazed how unique and different each artist's project turns out. The rules for this challenge are: use what you like and add anything of your own.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Every collage artist hoards bits and pieces of paper, scraps, findings with the hope that some day the moment will reveal itself when it can be used in a collage. During a recent retreat of 18 collage artists I sorted through mounds of bits and pieces and completed 30 individual art cards such as this one. Sometimes it could take weeks before the right assortment of these pieces come together for a pleasing composition. There lies the challenge and the passion.

Freeport Museum Live Paint Event

It was my pleasure to participate in a live paint charity event to help raise funds for the charming Freeport Art Museum, in Freeport, Illinois last October. My good friend Maureen Gasek encouraged me to participate. I am glad I did. I needed a challenge like that. My painting was auctioned off for the highest amount. It was a mandala inspired mixed media and collage painting. While creating this piece there were some moments of angst. Would the painting be successful by the time the cocktail party began? I was pleased with the result.