Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Inspirations from Books

I like to read a wide range of books and while reading a small book "Dime-Store Alchemy - The Art of Joseph Cornell" by Charles Simic I was mesmerised by the wonderful vignettes from memories. I hope to be able to construct an assemblage after reflecting on the words of Charles Simic.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Not always easy to create during pre Christmas frenzy

It is just 13 days before Christmas and there is so much to do. When can an artist dash away for a little time to create? I am trying very hard to make some progress in already started pieces. Soon I will show a piece just complete which will go into the Baker Dozen I am committed to enter this year. Got to run......

Monday, December 11, 2006

Article of Faith

Collage painting 4" X 6" sold in New Zealand

My first International sale

Last week I found out that my Article of Faith collage which is in the traveling show of Human Artifakts (currently in New Zealand) has sold. I was so excited with this new. Recently I have been evaluation my year in art making. I have taken some major leaps with numerous group exhibits and shows. My dear friend, mentor and inspiration, Laura Lein Svencner has been encouraging me to keep at it. So I owe her a big thanks for even encouraging me to be in the Human Artifakts show. I have had a great year of creativity. I hope next year is as good since I will be looking for other employment to bring in some more income for the family. But on an artistic note, I have been pursuing some spiritually inspired themes in my work. At a recent exhibit I had another similar collage that spoke to a woman and that sold also.