Wednesday, May 21, 2008


When I first graduated from college and got my bachelor's in education I was excited about having accomplished this goal. At the same time I was worried that my mind might turn to mush if I did not attend any more college classes. So after a 3 month tour of Europe which ended in Greece, I decided to take random classes of interest just for fun. Still one of my favorites was Anthropology 101. We studied African tribes and their customs. We explored communication of various cultures. Every once in awhile this interest in other cultures pops up in my collage work.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


THis is a tribute to my Mom. Here she is as I saw her in January with her great grandaughter, Zoe. I just love this photo. She probably would have an issue with her hair. But I see the beauty of the link between generations in their eyes.

I made my goal - 50 cards by Mothers Day

I worked daily to produce the cards for my goal of 50 by Mother's Day. I worked at 6 am on those days I worked. At 10 pm I would do a little prep work for next day's assembly. By morning the coated pieces would be dry enough to assemble into a card. And so the goal kept me focused. And when I presented the collection to my coworkers, they had this to say: "I can't decide, they're all so wonderful." Sometimes you just need to hear that from someone else. At the same time I was producing my cards, one of my coworkers e-mailed us and said she was raising funds to do the Avon walk for breast cancer. I offered to donate $1. for every card I sold. I hope it inspired some of my coworkers to choose a work of original art over a hallmark card. "Make it special, I said."

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Last weekend I took a workshop in embossed papermaking. It was a great opportunity to try something new. This card is made from the embossed paper I made. I like the texture that is so subtle.