Sunday, November 23, 2008

Everything I do seems to ultimately lead me....

Everything I create in the studio seems to ultimately lead to the next thing. During the past few weeks while recovering from surgery I have spent several of my awake hours playing around in the studio. Some of the pieces have been crappy pieces. I am realizing now that it is still important that I do these because they may be helping me work through ideas. Perhaps if I didn't make the crappy pieces, I wouldn't be doing what I would consider strong pieces. I have been using stuff that would otherwise be thrown away, and I really like the idea of giving it a new life. I love it when I can have moments of fearless creating with no preconceived valuation for the final outcome.

A new life for an experimental painting session

Last week I surveyed my paints in the studio and found I had quite a variety of paints in various forms. I decided to get crazy with the paints creating textures with unconventional tools like old hotel key cards, old combs, and I smooshed and basically played to my heart's content making big sheets of expressive marks in a variety of palette combinations. The blues really came out very exciting. I chopped up the big sheets of painted backgrounds and this card was one of the results. Oh what fun is to be crazy with paint and tools.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thank you cards

There is always a reason to send a thank you card. I like to do mine uniquely and creatively. Recently I had a commission for some and it got me started on recycling those little bits and pieces I had kicking around the studio. I make them smaller than my usual cards: 4.34 by 5.34 inches.

Experiment Plus Recycle

I am currently in greeting card making mode. After surgery I am tackling small commissions for original one of a kind cards, some of which are for the coming holiday season.

So where to begin was my thought. As I searched through my studio I encountered several experimental pieces. As a work of art they didn't quite make it. In my mind I either lost interest, failed to see a future in them or just felt ambivalent and needed to purge. But years ago my art teacher told me never to throw any artwork away because it stood a chance of being reworked, recycled, chopped up and reused in collage.

So that is what I did. I started by cutting up pieces of work into 4X6 pieces. And some pieces got chopped even smaller. There are so many ways to renew a piece of paper. This is the very essence of my passion for collage.