Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Studio is an exploratorium

I rose early in order to be able to drop into my studio again this morning. There have papers drying from coatings of acrylic medium. Once dry these little gems are ready to mount onto a card. So far I am keeping my daily visits to the studio that I committed to for the next month as I work on material for the upcoming shows.

My studio is really an exploratorium. I am borrowing this word from a recent blog written by a terrific artist in Vancouver Canada, Robert Genn. You can see his website for lots of interesting things about art, including an extensive list of quotations. This is the link:

I love the sound of the word and it describes by studio to the T. I have such a collection (not terribly well organized but I am working on it) of materials, supplies, paints, etc. On any day I might want to work with found papers, make surface design on existing bad art, or just read my collection of art magazines or art history books. I never know when an idea will strike me to catapult me into a new direction or an old one I have nearly forgotten.

A co-worker and new patron of mine commissioned me to make some cards for her nieces (4 and 5 years old) with butterflies. I don't always enjoy working on commissions but this one is so sweet I feel I can make a whole series and then there will be leftovers for those other cards.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Under the Fall Moon

Morning Work Studio

Having been away from the studio for several weeks, I can finally say I dedicated 4 hours to serious creative work. Completed two 4 X 6 cards. Framed one also and reorganized one corner.

Fall flower was a watercolor that needed to be recycled. It has a little glitz and glitter. It just needed something extra to sparkle.

A Season for Art Fairs and Exhibits

Although my participation in art exhibits has been limited to group shows with the Midwest Collage Society of which I am President for the second year, I am heading in other directions this fall. In the last half of October I will be part of a group exhibit in downtown Naperville with my Art Tribe. I have been a member of this wonderful group of art girlfriends for the last eleven years. There are eight of us. We meet every 6 weeks approximately to brainstorm marketing ideas, share personal successes and challenges, exchange ideas, test our new directions, etc. etc. This will be a great exhibit and I am so looking forward to it. Our newest member, Maureen, created a fantastic Supersize postcard to invite everyone we can think of to attend the reception.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Inspired by Fall

I believe there is plenty of truth in artist being influenced by their environment. The colors of fall and harvest are coming quickly on this September morning in the Chicago area. My passion for gingko leaves inspired this 4X6 card. It sat in pieces for over 6 months on my studio table until this morning when I had that AHA moment.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A new home for Whispers

A recently completed collage painting "Whispers in the Meadow" was purchased by a patron of mine, Kathy, which she will donate for a fundraiser to be auctioned off. Blessings for my loyal patron.

Monday, September 07, 2009

My art display 2007

This is how my display looks each year at the St. Thomas the Apostle, Celebration of the Arts Fair.

Upcoming Exhibits

I am dedicating a few hours each week to prepare for an exhibit I will be joining my "Art Tribe." We will exhibit in the studio/gallery of my good friend and art sister, Cindy. October's date is coming quickly, October 15-19. I hope to have a few new pieces ready for the show.

Simultaneously I am preparing for the annual art fair at St Thomas the Apostle in Naperville. Each year for the last 8 years I have had a booth for the fair. I also will do a demonstration of a technique. I haven't quite decided what technique to demonstrate. In the past I have done a wax resist demo, a monotype demo and a watercolor demo. I love doing the demos because I have a desire to engage people in conversation as I work. My best time is when a child comes up to see what I am doing. I just want them to jump in and play with me. Sometimes they do. I always have a Zen board for the kids to "paint" on. This is the most wonderful thing in the world for budding artists to try. It is a special paper board that one can paint on it with water and the image comes out black. One uses a chinese brush and if feels wonderful to paint. Within a few minutes the least parts of the painting begins to disappear as the paper dries. The opportunity is there to keep painting again and again. No waste of paper.