Saturday, December 15, 2007

Where did the time go?

I can't believe I have not posted anything since October. The days have blended together so quickly. My news is that I have been busy with several exhibits. I participated in the annual Celebration of the Arts at my church, I entered several pieces in the Midwest Collage Society Layers II exhibit and won an honorable mention and I put together a solo exhibit at the National University of Health Sciences entitled Beneath the Surface. Thirty pieces are hung in the clinic and I will have a reception in January. The bulk of my art-making has been working on greeting cards. This last month I made holiday cards of which some are watercolors and others are collage and mixed media. Working full time has cut in on some of my time for creating art. Holidays require attention also but I am happy to say that I still get some work in on the weekends. This week I have been commissioned by a former patron to do 20 cards for St. Patrick's day. This is a new theme for me. But I like the challenge.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A trip to Iowa

During a trip to Iowa to visit my daughter Victoria, I was inspired by the vast sky and the incredible colors of fall.

A whole month gone by

A whole month has gone by without a word about art on my blog. I am working full time and the time is so limited and the energy low as I learn the new tasks. Trying to get some kind of balance in place is the name of the game. I was able to do a little doodling during lunch. Then other things crept along that needed my attention. I am currently preparing to participate in an art exhibit and sale at the St. Thomas Church which is what I do every year. It is a great time to talk about my art, to show a little demonstration to patrons and to sell some work. Soon some photos will be posted.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Some days I feel like I am doing fragments of activities. A little here, a little there. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for fragmented days. Is it attention deficit day? Is it caused by distractions of things we have no control over? Is it angst? Is it lack of a plan? Or is it catching up day? Maybe it is a day when I have a need to tie up loose ends, to aleviate clutter of personal space, or of the mind. Here is a piece of art that illustrates the kind of day I am having today. There are some good things planned but I am feeling jittery.

Monday, September 24, 2007

How time flies

As I look back at my last blog entry I am amazed at how time flies. Here it is already 12 days later. Family life, work and marketing art and small increments of creating art can take up more time than one can imagine. Yet one needs to have balance. So as I try to make time for exercise, and all the other facets of my life, I see that some days there just are not enough hours. In one week I will begin a new time schedule. I will be working a regular 8:00 - 4:30 job. I can only guess that balance will be ever more important and time will begin to feel more precious. But I am committed to be more efficient and equally balanced so there is time for mind, body and spirit.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Motivated to make more cards

Last week a friend of mine took 33 of my cards which she will market in her studio. My inventory needs to be replenished. Another friend is going to flaunt my cards in her office. I am excited and am working towards building up the inventory. I am also working through my Artist Way by Julia Cameron with a group. A support group is always good for keeping one on track. Also, I am working on drawing skills by reading and doing the suggested exercises from a book called Creative License. The author keeps the chapters short and very humorous.

September 11, 2007

I meant to post this yesterday but just didn't get around to doing it. I spent much of the day in my studio completing small projects. Also, trying to purge some things that are not usable or just plain junk. But throughout the day I kept reflecting how utterly tragic this day was 6 years ago. I created some spiritual pieces in the aftermath. And now I can only wish for P E A C E throughout the world. Global peace is what I wish for more than anything in the world. In wishing this I seek moments of peace for myself by communing with nature whether it is at the beach in the forest or by the river. PEACE to all.

Monday, September 03, 2007

A hike at the arboretum

Saturday was the most perfect day to hike at the arboretum. The weather was crisp yet sunny. My mood was enthusiastic. I had my camera, a bottle of water and comfortable shoes. I decided to revisit a place I used to take my children when they were little, the BIG ROCK. The rock seemed much smaller than I remembered. But I smiled when I remembered how adorable they were climbing the BIG ROCK. Normally not bothered by mosquitoes, today I was being eaten alive. I thought I had everything with me, but the repellent was what I really needed today. Here are the shots from the woods. The fungi were really fascinating. So many varieties. An interesting thought, fungi can symbolize recycling. From the decay comes another. That is what I am doing with some old artwork. Recycling decaying watercolors, prints, acrylic attempts.

Friday, August 31, 2007


I often include musical notation in my collages. When I sat down to ponder why I do that I returned to some fond memories. My father was a choral conductor. In those days when he needed to create scores for the choristers the only way to do copying was with a mimeograph machine. At that time I must have been a kid of 12 or 13 and my dad would let me sit and score out the musical notes onto the stencil. It was the most beautiful cerulean blue color and when you scored it on the lightbox you removed this waxy material and only the light shined through. It was magical. In addition I sang in a choir for about 8 years and never missed one rehearsal. So I guess one could say music is a big part of who I am. My daughter too is quite musical so there is plenty of music in the household.

More cards fresh off the press

Thursday, August 30, 2007

A field trip to Chicago

I have been promising myself an artist date (a la Julia Cameron) to Chicago. Well today I got to do just that and the weather could not have been better. I took the train in the morning and walked to the Chicago Cultural center. The air was clean and there was a delightful breeze. I walked past the famous sculptures and discovered a farmers market right in front of the Picasso. Oh the senses were delighted. The Chicago Cultural Center has several art exhibits which were interesting. The best one was of contemporary art from India. The pieces that really spoke to me were 1. a huge paper sculpture called Personal Space (it was huge and full of interesting words, textures, symbols, etc. It was large enough to stand it. Actually several people could stand in the personal space. 2. The other was work done by an artist that paints onto mattresses. It is always difficult to describe art. Unfortunately the exhibit did not allow photographs to be taken.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Skipping Girl Card

I like the feel of this card and I wonder if it is a piece I should be framing. Maybe it needs to be upgraded. Any thoughts???

Gratitude for an Art Patron

So many times an artist is approached to donate a work of art for a good cause. There are so many good causes. My inclination was to donate small pieces in the past. Lately I have been inclined to decline. However, last year and this year a dear friend and patron of the arts did the right thing. She called to say she would buy art from me and donate it to a charity for their annual auction. She came over today and selected her favorite piece. I loved that piece so much and am glad it is going for a good cause but not at my expense. Kudos to those who give and support the artist. I hope others will do the same. Thank you Kathy from the bottom of my heart.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

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This is just another card.

Still creating one of a kind note cards

One day my daughter and I created a list of occasions that warrant a special hand-made one of a kind cards not available at Hallmark. This is the list we came up with:
Birthday, Anniversary, Sympathy, Graduation, Promotion, Retirement, Encouragement, Engagement, Wedding, Birth of a Child, New Job, New Home, Adoption, Get Well, Congratulations for a job Well done, Award, Achievement of a Special Goal, Bon Voyage, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Baptism, Thank You, Confirmation, Bar Mitzvah, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Thinking of You, First Holy Communion, Hannukkah, Bat Mitzvah, Just Because......

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Take me to the Seashore

Take me to the seashore,
Let me walk upon the sand.
Help me feel the bonding
That comes with God and Man.
Let me hear the roar of water
In the sea shells that I find.

I marvel at the sunrise
As I stand in the water's foam.
And I feel the spray upon me
While I'm standing here alone.
There is a peace within me
As I watch each wave roll in.
I know that God is with me..
He is my Protector and my Friend.

Our family in Florida

Vacationing in Florida

This summer I was without the benefit of a computer. Sometimes it is good to get away from technology. One experiences a certain freedom to do other things. My mornings began at 6 am. I awoke and dressed into a bathing suit, grabbed the camera and went for a morning walk on the beach. The sun rose every morning about 6:45. By that time I had observed any changes on the shore, ooed and ahhed at the rising sun and its majesty. Then I swam for an hour with my beach friend, Karla. We talked about many different topics: peace, tranquility, meditation, and the glory of nature. We swam with many little fish. The water was warm anc calm most mornings. Then I exercised, swam in the pool and by afternoon it was time to go indoors to avoid the highest temperatures. That was when I worked on my greeting cards. Collage or watercolor were my mediums. I even managed to sell quite a few to my Florida friends.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

My cards

"I want to thank you for the BEAUTIFUL anniversary card
you sent us with such a lovely message. I'm in the
process of having just the right frame made for your
collage. Mary is coming with her two boys to spend a
few days with us, and I'm eager to show her your work."
This is the message I received today from my sister's mother-in-law, Mary Campbell. I always make an original card for my friends and family. It simply never ceases to amaze me when I get such a compliment. Why is it that I think my work is not so extraordinary? Is it because I love doing it and it comes relatively easily? I think my cousin Tamara relayed the same message last week when she told me that she can't believe people think her writing is extraordinary. She says it comes to her so easily. Well I have been producing some cards these last few weeks as I try to immerse myself in art-making again. Several cards sold before I even had a chance to scan them. I am blessed that some people appreciate my work.

Monday, June 25, 2007

An Affirmation

I am still being unproductive in my art. I can't pinpoint what the problem is. I have been focused on family. With my daughter who is back from college I feel I want to spend more time together before she goes off again. Then we have my son's birthday coming up. This weekend there was a surprise visit from my daughter's boyfriend and the list of reasons to stay away from artmaking goes on. And yet I feel there may be an underlying reason that is lurking. When I read Eric Maisel's e-mail last night about a seminar for creativity coaching, I think I found the answer. I have been feeling that my creative life does not matter. So Eric's advice to all the attendants was the following affirmation: I MATTER AND MY CREATIVE LIFE MATTERS. I' ll be repeating that one and see what happens.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A week of almost no artmaking

It has been a week of almost no artmaking. Family duties, a personal committment to exercise more and summer chores in the garden have taken more time away from the act of making art. Looking at old art that seems stale and uninteresting is bringing out the judge who says: "maybe you're not good enough". Instead I am reading a book by Micheal Kimmelman: The Accidental Masterpiece. On the Art of Life and Vice Versa. I must be searching for meaning in my art or who knows what. Maybe I concerned that it is all so trivial. Whenever my husband hears that I have sold a work of art he immediately approaches with the business side: How many of those can you make? He means well but it trivializes the original work of art. I know that my art is not about trivial things. It is built on many layers.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Making Paper

Last Sunday, my friend and collage artist Laura invited me and Anne to make paper in her back yard under a tent. The three of us chatted and made paper almost all day long. The act of making paper is so meditative as you stir the slurry and then dip your mold into the vat. The result is a sheet of paper in pulp form which is then hung up to dry on a line. I made a stack of off white and red sheets. The time just flew. Laura prepared a delightful lunch for us and then we were at it again. We had a great time making paper which will be turned into collage works in the near future. Today I looked at my stash of paper and was inspired by the stack's various colors and textures. I guess I have always loved paper for its own sake. And the proof is that I have tons of paper in my studio just waiting to be cut, torn, glued and combined for a work of art whether small or large. And yet the handmade paper feels more precious, like bread baked from scratch.... such satisfaction.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Birthday Wishes

For the past 18 years I have not had to purchase any greeting cards because I believe I can make one as well as any commercial card. Yesterday I made this one for my husband's birthday. He has saved every card I ever made him and threatens to have them framed. It is always pleasant to hear such a compliment. My friend Mary Jane always kept my cards and when she moved from Naperville to New Jersey she had them all framed and has hung them in a delightful arrangement in her family room. Such appreciation of my creativity just nurtures and motivates the artist. My daughter has learned that a hand made gift is much more appreciated than the commercial one and often makes her own cards, especially for Valentine's day.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Time to Purge

This week I have been in a purging mode. As I surveyed all the art supplies, equipment, etc. I realized that I am overloaded with items that no longer are relavent to my art making. Today I even found some much older works of art that Irritated my aesthetic bone. I had to make decisions. I am in the process of purging some older works of art that I feel do not represent who I am now as an artist. The time has come to sell or destroy these. I feel that by releasing these works I will allow myself to be open for new work to come forth. I will photograph the works and then send them on their merry way to another place.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sometimes I Just Leap

While creating miniature art my approach is often carefree and daring. The following poem describes the feeling rather accurately..
W. H. Auden: "Leap Before You Look"
The sense of danger must not disappear:
The way is certainly both short and steep,
However gradual it looks from here;
Look if you like, but you will have to leap.
I leaped into a composition. I liked it. I thought others might not appreciate it. I was wrong. Tricia loved it and bought it before I even had a chance to photograph it.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Process of Artmaking

When life takes a detour and creating art takes a back seat , the creative momentum can be lost. How do I get it back again? I force myself to work on a miniature piece. A 4 X 6 size is ideal for playing, risk-taking or just spontaneously putting it together. And so this winter life took me on a detour of my regular creating time. The longing to get the hands dirty and composing a little piece was there but the opportunity did not present itself readily. Then last week I received a call from someone who had purchased my original notecards last year and was looking to purchase some more to give as gifts to her children's teachers and to some colleagues. Suddenly the need to have inventory motivated the artist in me to go ahead and paint. There is always a need for simple watercolor florals. Those are fun because of the sponteneity, the ease, the simplicity. I was able to sit down and produce a number of these gems. Then there were a few tinted papers, some sheet music and other miscellaneous papers littering my art table. Within minutes I was gluing these miscellaneous fragments together and making simple compositions. The fire of creativity is burning within me again. I will tackle some challenges that have come across my desk. White on White. Holiday themes. I can feel the oxygen circulating around me.

On Display at Carol Stream Library in Illinois

Yesterday, with the assistance of my daughter, Victoria, I hung 11 collages at the Carol Stream Library. There is a certain good feeling when viewing your work in a grouping in a public place. I hope anyone who sees it will offer comments. But the sale of a work would equally place a smile on my face. The triptych was one of my landscape collages created from an abstract acrylic painting.

Friday, June 01, 2007

What Medium Am I Working In?

I have studied watercolor, acrylic, print-making and clay. Yet when I created my first collage I sensed that I had found my medium. What was it that gave me that sense of satisfaction? It was the piecing together, the gluing the cutting but most of all it was knowing I could re-use and recycle. I was trained as a child to waste not by my mother. So the lesson stayed on until my adulthood. There is an incredible satisfaction in knowing that some discarded object can be put to use in a new and unique way. And so I began to look at old watercolors, acrylics that did not pass the test of completed and satisfactory pieces. At first these works became little 4 X 6 note cards. Then larger pieces emerged from scraps. Learning how to integrate successfully has been the greatest challenge. Learning from the masters like Rauschenberg, Schwitters and others is a great help. Today I incorporate many media to try to communicate my message. I like using anything that suggests language, music, and imagery of the spiritual whether it be objects of faith or God's creation.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Why Did I Become An Artist?

As an elementary school child I was led to believe that my art was not very good. I could not copy or draw as the more proficient children could and so I felt dismissed as an artist. I loved doing crafts which I learned through girl scouts or from my father. I liked working with my hands. The belief that I was not a good artist stayed with me for over thirty years. In the meantime my passion was learning about the great artists through art history and visiting art museums around the world. The passion never went away. As a substitute for painting or drawing I took up photography and competed in camera clubs and learned as much as I could about lighting and composition. And then, I reached a certain age in life when I could confidently say "I don't care what others think, I want to express myself through art." My soul-mate and girlfriend, Dena, and I decided one day over coffee that we would enroll in a watercolor class. We had an understanding, and supportive teacher, Angelique. We thrived and we became artists. There was no looking back. I would never be just an observer. Whenever life gets in the way and I cannot create art in some fashion, I become an unbearable person to be with. ART IS MY OXYGEN.

Friday, May 25, 2007

End of Year for teaching art to kids at risk

It is the end of the school year and art has ended for the students at risk where I taught art. It was a difficult year of challenging the art teacher as well as other authorities. However, one project stands out as successful because the students were engaged in the process and were pleased with their results. It make a great bulletin board for the school hallway.

Friday, May 18, 2007

My work is published

I have just received a few copies of the recent publication of the Prairie Light Review (A publication of the College of DuPage in Illinois). My work, Elements of Nature, was published and it looks great because the colors are vivid and clean. It is always fun to see your work in print. The same collage is currently on display at a wonderful gallery in south suburban Chicago, the Tall Grass Gallery. The exhibit of 99 pieces of collages and altered purses is wonderful. I am very proud to be the current President of the Midwest Collage Society. The group is very energetic and innovative in their creative work.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Completion is satisfying

I really feel good about completing some pieces no matter how small. This 4 X 6 speaks of antiquities. When I was in college I considered majoring in anthropology or archeology. It did not happen but I still gravitate to imagery of antiquities.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Winter Calm

At the suggestion of a friend I am working through some variations on a theme of trees. For me, a TREE is my link with nature. I cannot imagine living without trees, seeing them everyday, admiring their shapes, colors, grandeur. I like trees in all seasons. In the winter I love looking at the shape of their bare branches and how the snow clings to the limbs. In spring, from a distance one can see the trees that bloom like the crabapple, the rosebud, or the dogwood. In the forest I love the trees as they overlap their branches and support all the birds, squirrels and cicadas. Fall brings the rich yellows and oranges and reds--a terrific feast for the eyes.

Walking the Labyrinth

After a busy workshop of the Midwest Collage Society where all the members (20) participated in a mixed media frenzy I was in need of a calming activity. I decided to do a meditative walk through an outdoor labyrinth in my neighborhood behind the church of St. Thomas the Apostle. It is circular and it took 22 minutes to complete the walk if you keep a slow and steady pace. There are many turns and sometimes one retraces ones steps. It is very much a journey as is life. We sometimes retrace our steps and repeat certain behaviors. I have had a fascination with labyrinths for several years.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

My Entry Sold

"Homage to Nature's Rituals" a mixed media and collage piece measuring 8 X 8" was sold at the Inspiring Change Exhibit and Sale in Chicago, with partial proceeds going to the Sierra Club. Thank you, Steve. I hope you enjoy it for a very long time.
I have had feelings of low self worth this winter. This sale is helping me overcome this feeling of funk which I understand is common among artists and creators. Even though one creates for oneself, the appreciation of others is something that encourages me to continue. Whether a sale or an award, the acknowledgement feeds my soul and creative spirit.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Sunrise in Ft Lauderdale by the Sea

This is the first time to use my new camera in Florida. I am using my 35mm Nikon that my husband gave me for Christmas. It is a bit clunkier but I love it. It offers me more options. Some of which I have no clue about.

Gifts from the Sea

During the last four days two girlfriends and I escaped to Florida for a much needed self made retreat. Of course each morning without an alarm clock I awoke at 6:30 am and within minutes I was on the beach to greet the rising sun. Then the morning walk of about a mile began. Scanning the shoreline one always find something of interest. For a visual artist there are limitless possibilites as the ocean gifts us with many treasures. On the first day there were dozens of jelly fish and portugese man of war along the shore. They were a warning that ocean swimming would not be advisable during those days. On the third and fourth day the ocean was quiet and serene and there were no more jelly fish and portugese man of war. As usual, I did run into my dear friend whom I only see on the beach, Karla. She meditates every morning on the beach and she draws hearts in the sand. We chat a bit. She exudes LOVE for all of the earth's creation. A retreat energizes ones creative spirit.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Laura and her "kurka" series

My friend Laura Inspires Me

I believe in supporting my artist friends. Laura had a fabulous display at the Morton Arboretum today. Her display inspired me to continue creating my personal art. This was a great way to celebrate Earth Day and the weather was perfect too.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Inspiring Change

In celebration of Earth Day I am part of an art exhibit that is benefitting the Sierra Club. If sold my collage of a tree will help support the work of the Sierra Club.The exhibition begins today and runs until next weekend at the Space 900 gallery on 1040 W. Huron Ave. in Chicago.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Why Create Art?

Sometimes this is the question I ask myself when I am dissappointed that sales of my work are very low. Sometimes I ask this of myself when my art is not coming along as I would wish. But the answer is best written by Julia Cameron: "when we express our creativity, we are a conduit for the great creator to explore, express, and expand it's divine nature and our own. We are like songbirds. When one of us gives voice to our true nature, it is contagious and others soon give tonge as well."

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Creatively Discouraged

After several entries into shows that resulted in disappointment I fell into a creative funk. So I stayed away from my studio and created meals instead of art. After visiting some art galleries and exhibits in Chicago I am starting to feel optimistic again. I shall begin by lingering in my studio and looking for possibilities for completing some almost done works. I hope to have some examples in the near future. Today I dropped off work for a Sierra Club exhibit called Inspiring Change. In the meantime, I am working on lifting my creative energy by journalling and making decorative papers.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wild Woman Dancing

In celebrating Women's History Month and International Day of the Woman I created this tiny little 4 X 6 piece from an old painting on Yupo paper. Li like the energy of this woman as it speaks of the energy of women all over the world. At the sme time I am re-reading the book of Ann Morrow Lindberg, A Gift From the Sea. My personal way of celebrating women.

Monotypes and Monoprints

During my printmaking days I loved making monotypes and monoprints. Next Monday I will be doing a demonstration of monotypes that require no press for the DuPage Art League. I will begin my presentation by giving a little background of montypes and monoprints. It turns out that many artists made monotypes and contemporary artists continue to use this medium. It is fun, freeing and often surprising. I usually don't go in with a preconceived idea of what will come out. I like the surprise element. Most often the result is merely a starting piece which requires enhancing in some way. Sometimes I use watersoluble crayons to add line work as in this piece. Other times it becomes my background for a collage. Monoprints have also been a source of several of my artworks. In this case you already have an image but in the inking it becomes one of a kind rather than a limited edition of a few inked and printed in the same way.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Demonstration of Pysanky

I will be doing a demonstration at a local church on the history, the symbols and the techniques of designing Ukrainian Easter eggs at the beginning of March. I have been doing this art for many years.

Landscape Triptych

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Angel of Peace

I attended the screening of a documentary called Ground Truth presented by the Pax Christi organization and my soul needed to create a commemorative work to call for PEACE in our troubled world. This work is 9" X 12" in which I have recycled a fragment of my collagraph print, collaged it onto a piece of canvas which had been painted with acrylic. Once collaged the whole painting was covered with acrylic gloss medium. PEACE BE WITH YOU.

Celebrate Reconcilliation

A 4X 6 collage painting on canvas with magazine clippings incorprated and monoprint fragments. I was inspired by the beauty of the chalice.

Postcard for our precious Earth

I called this 4X 6 collage painting Love This Earth. It began as a larger acrylic painting which lost its appeal for me and so it got cut up into 4 X 6 individual postcards. Each one will somehow evolve into a finished collage. This one consists of some collaged papers, an image transfer and a real leaf all encased in several layers of of gloss medium. I guess my philosophy is never throw any art away because it may evolve into a completely different work. As an artist I am constantly evolving. Collage helps me use up my unfinished masters......

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

These babies just keep flying out of the studio

I feel like I am on a roll. This little 4 X 6" piece has gone through many transformations. It began as a watercolor, transformed itself into an experimental fragment to try out some metalic acrylic paints on , and kept me irritated with its incompletion. Sometimes those irritants can force the hand to keep at it. So I finished it with an image transfer and a clipping from a magazine. I call it "Swaying Under the Moonlight." As beautiful as it is, snowing outside my window, I can only dream of witnessing the swaying grasses under the moonlight.

Monday, February 05, 2007

A quote from Robert Rauschenberg

I have always been intrigued by the work of contemporary artist R. Rauschenberg. He has been a prolific producer of all kinds of art: humourous, large, small, lithographs, mixed media, combines and some controversial art. I found this quote by him and it is helping me to see things in a new light. "Restrictions aren't limitations, they're just what you happen to be working with."

Another one dedicated to our precious environment

This collage painting is 8" X8". It began as a large painting on some heavy watercolor paper. It was all red and I was stumped as to where to go. Then I decided to experiment. This often is when my most successful paintings evolve. Is it the freedom of letting go of all the cerebral stuff that allows the work to emerge? I rolled out some yellow and orange with a roller. Wow that was fun. By that time I was on a roll and I added some magazine textured paper, a transfer and some cutout leaves from tissue paper. Voila, I was done and pleased.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Volunteering and Sharing Art Knowledge

This week I was invited to the unveiling and dedication of a collage that I helped students make at the Glenbard East High School in Glen Ellyn. The students are members of a Club that is dedicated to making the world a better place and they wanted to create a collage to express their commitment to be instruments of change. They began by creating their individually designed hands, cut them out and then glued the hands onto an acrylic painted stretched canvas. They worked on the floor because of the large size of canvas. Their enthusiasm was so infectious and I was proud to be their coach. By the way none of the students are taking art due to heavy schedules of academic classes. What a pity they are missing out. They do have talent.

Ode to the Gingko

With all the attention being given to global warming and its detrimental effects on weather and nature in general I began to refocus on my interest in this subject. I have always dedicated some of my art to nature. First when I became a photographer and then when I painted landscapes, flowers and trees. My favorite tree is the gingko and every fall I make it my tradition to gather a few leaves and press them. This little collage is merely 5" X 5" on a gallery wrapped canvas. The seed pods are just another seed I gather on the beach of Lauderdale by the Sea in Florida. I included it in the collage because no matter where I go I always seem to be attracted to what falls at my feet. Enjoy.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Babel 4

I have been really intrigued and inspired by foreign languages for a long time. The written word has been used in this collage. From ancient writings to contemporary Spanish, Arabic and Greek. This is an 8 X 10 painting using image transfers, sealed with gloss medium.

Babel Series Continues

This is another collage painting on the theme of Babel (meaning confusion).

A second in the series of Articles of Faith. Canvas painted in acrylics with magazine images and Greek fragments from a prayer book.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007