Friday, August 31, 2007


I often include musical notation in my collages. When I sat down to ponder why I do that I returned to some fond memories. My father was a choral conductor. In those days when he needed to create scores for the choristers the only way to do copying was with a mimeograph machine. At that time I must have been a kid of 12 or 13 and my dad would let me sit and score out the musical notes onto the stencil. It was the most beautiful cerulean blue color and when you scored it on the lightbox you removed this waxy material and only the light shined through. It was magical. In addition I sang in a choir for about 8 years and never missed one rehearsal. So I guess one could say music is a big part of who I am. My daughter too is quite musical so there is plenty of music in the household.

More cards fresh off the press

Thursday, August 30, 2007

A field trip to Chicago

I have been promising myself an artist date (a la Julia Cameron) to Chicago. Well today I got to do just that and the weather could not have been better. I took the train in the morning and walked to the Chicago Cultural center. The air was clean and there was a delightful breeze. I walked past the famous sculptures and discovered a farmers market right in front of the Picasso. Oh the senses were delighted. The Chicago Cultural Center has several art exhibits which were interesting. The best one was of contemporary art from India. The pieces that really spoke to me were 1. a huge paper sculpture called Personal Space (it was huge and full of interesting words, textures, symbols, etc. It was large enough to stand it. Actually several people could stand in the personal space. 2. The other was work done by an artist that paints onto mattresses. It is always difficult to describe art. Unfortunately the exhibit did not allow photographs to be taken.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Skipping Girl Card

I like the feel of this card and I wonder if it is a piece I should be framing. Maybe it needs to be upgraded. Any thoughts???

Gratitude for an Art Patron

So many times an artist is approached to donate a work of art for a good cause. There are so many good causes. My inclination was to donate small pieces in the past. Lately I have been inclined to decline. However, last year and this year a dear friend and patron of the arts did the right thing. She called to say she would buy art from me and donate it to a charity for their annual auction. She came over today and selected her favorite piece. I loved that piece so much and am glad it is going for a good cause but not at my expense. Kudos to those who give and support the artist. I hope others will do the same. Thank you Kathy from the bottom of my heart.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

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This is just another card.

Still creating one of a kind note cards

One day my daughter and I created a list of occasions that warrant a special hand-made one of a kind cards not available at Hallmark. This is the list we came up with:
Birthday, Anniversary, Sympathy, Graduation, Promotion, Retirement, Encouragement, Engagement, Wedding, Birth of a Child, New Job, New Home, Adoption, Get Well, Congratulations for a job Well done, Award, Achievement of a Special Goal, Bon Voyage, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Baptism, Thank You, Confirmation, Bar Mitzvah, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Thinking of You, First Holy Communion, Hannukkah, Bat Mitzvah, Just Because......

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Take me to the Seashore

Take me to the seashore,
Let me walk upon the sand.
Help me feel the bonding
That comes with God and Man.
Let me hear the roar of water
In the sea shells that I find.

I marvel at the sunrise
As I stand in the water's foam.
And I feel the spray upon me
While I'm standing here alone.
There is a peace within me
As I watch each wave roll in.
I know that God is with me..
He is my Protector and my Friend.

Our family in Florida

Vacationing in Florida

This summer I was without the benefit of a computer. Sometimes it is good to get away from technology. One experiences a certain freedom to do other things. My mornings began at 6 am. I awoke and dressed into a bathing suit, grabbed the camera and went for a morning walk on the beach. The sun rose every morning about 6:45. By that time I had observed any changes on the shore, ooed and ahhed at the rising sun and its majesty. Then I swam for an hour with my beach friend, Karla. We talked about many different topics: peace, tranquility, meditation, and the glory of nature. We swam with many little fish. The water was warm anc calm most mornings. Then I exercised, swam in the pool and by afternoon it was time to go indoors to avoid the highest temperatures. That was when I worked on my greeting cards. Collage or watercolor were my mediums. I even managed to sell quite a few to my Florida friends.