Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dry spells and Patrons

Sometimes life takes a detour from making art for me. Family, work, organizations, obligations.
Well the last few months have been on fast forward. Since travel was in the mix I have been reading some books that inspire the artist in me and are helping me reflect on how my art fits into my life.

I am reading Beyond the Flower by Judy Chicago. Her second autobiography. Worth a read for anyone who is an artist.

The previous blog of June 24 is a little card I created from an old monotype I experimented with and added a transfer of the birst onto it. One of my colleagues at work just loved it and purchased it. She sits a few cubicles behind me and whenever I go to her cube to consult on a work related topic I get to see it. She is a patron since she has purchased several cards from me and also a framed 8X10 which hands in her cubicle. Thank you Lisa.

During the two weeks in July while I was in Ft Lauderdale, I got to see my patron extroardinaire, Karla. Karla purchases my cards a dozen at a time several times a year. The theme she orders most often is hearts. She sends my cards to her friends and new aquaintances. Karla is all about love. I love her for it. Thank you Karla.