Sunday, August 22, 2010

Milwaukee Art Museum

Yesterday we travelled to Milwaukee to visit friends. Dave and Mary were fantastic hosts. They took us to the art museum where we saw an historic quilt, then we viewed more than 100 of the most incredible prints of Warriington Colescott. He is a Wisconsin based printmaker, who has trained his brilliant artist eye on the fashions and foibles of human behavior since the 1940's. Using multiple ways of creating prints he absolutely blew me away with his skill as a printmaker. Having briefly studied printmaking (etching, dry point and screenprinting) I could really appreciate his skill.

My Canadian Art Friends

Abstract Play

Recently I took a vacation to Lake Winnipeg to stay with our dear friends Karen and Gord. It was a much needed rest but the best part was that we dedicated a whole day to art making. Mary, Karen and I visited Karen's sister a retired art teacher and we spent the day in her studio being artists. I just played with my acrylic paints. The first was done on canvas the second was done on acrylic paper. As I Iook at these little vignettes I feel pure joy. No specific intentions or goals with these two playful pieces. I am still thinking that more will be added to them to become a more complex piece. But at the moment I have them in my studio to remind me of the great vacation week in Manitoba Canada.