Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Year 3 for painting live with Unforgettable ART

This is the third year I was one of 50 artists painting from 12 - 7:30 pm on  May 3 to complete a painting for the auction.  It is an event that is exciting, frightening, challenging and in the end gratifying when your art is sold and you are instrumental in helping raise money  for Alzheimers research.

My painting was starting off very poorly in several shades of green, then flora was added. However, my heart wasn't in painting a floral. I felt depressed briefly.  How was I to transform the hideous green monster to something that would be pleasing to the eye.  I really wanted to paint  an abstract.

The deciding moment came when I opted to white wash the whole thing using a rectangular sponge (not a paint brush) and some Titanium Buff.  It allowed me to use physical energy to obliterate the green mess.  The wash allowed some of the base to come through and suddently I could feel that there was potential in the painting.  I risked a little but using some gold paint and before I knew it, the composition was coming along and was much more pleasing to me and even ro some observers who were walking around.  There is nothing like a compliment to give you courage to keep at it.

The end result was a piece I could feel at least somewhat proud of.

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